Blas Brand


Provenance is high on our list of credentials. We know where our cattle and poultry live, our bacon is local and our fish is from sustainable stocks. We use local dairy produce – cheeses, milk and ice cream and whenever possible, source our veggies locally.

Our incredible vegetarian and vegan burgers are handmade using organic black beans; generous amounts of walnuts; turmeric, cracked black pepper and heaps of other good stuff. For those of you with nut allergies we hand make a fabulous tofu burger. On top of this, did you know all our vegetarian and vegan burgers can be enhanced with grilled marinated tempeh?

All our sauces; aioli; chilli relish; salsas; pickles; piccalilli, preserved lemons; fermented kimchi; brownies; salted caramel; honeycomb; lemonade, kombucha and so much more are handmade by Ange using her very own recipes.

We use Cornish potatoes and hand cut all our chips – it’s a labour of love!

We have been proud of our green credentials for the last 11 years but if you are new to Blas and want to know more just ask.
Why all this love and attention? So you can eat our burgers and feel good body and soul.

If you have been to Blas, you’ll know how special it is and if you haven’t then just ask someone who has! Get them to tell you all about the vibe and what it’s like inside and out.

Alternatively, why not come and experience Blas for yourself – we are sure you’ll love it as much as we do!