We think one blas isn’t enough!

Blas Burgerworks already has a strong brand in Cornwall. As you can see it has won numerous accolades and we feel the time is now right to move up country.

Our vision for Blas has the benefit of hindsight . We have a proven track record, efficient and effective systems in place and Blas thrives right where it is today, serving thousands of happy customers every year.

And yet….

Every week that we are open, Blas turns away hundreds of people. Our premises is simply not big enough to fit in everybody that wants to eat with us.

Here is the plan:

  • we want a bigger playground with more toys such as a bar area where you can enjoy a drink before being taken to your table
  • more covers so that we can serve more of our lovely customers our fabulous food
  • a bigger kitchen, so Ange can create more of her delicious delights for our expanding menu

We’ve lost count of the number of customers who ask us to bring Blas to them and we agree it is time to look further afield and to open multiple outlets nurtured & developed in harmony with the individual site.

If you have been to Blas you know how special it is and if you haven’t then just ask someone who has! Get them to tell you all about the vibe and what it’s like inside and out.

Alternatively, why not come and experience Blas for yourself, we are sure you will love it as much as we do!

We think one Blas isn’t enough!

If you love Blas as much as we do and want to invest in the growth of Blas Burgerworks Ltd get in touch INFO@BLASBURGERWORKS.CO.UK
or call 01736 797272