The Legendary Blas burgers

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Blue Corn Tortilla Chips/Guac/Chilli Relish £6.50 – View Image


Marinated Gordal & Kalamata Olives £3.00

All burgers come with our hand cut chips & can be served in a gluten free bun.

Cornish Beefburgers

[Approx uncooked weight 6oz/175gms]
Our burgers are made with 100% Cornish beef from herds selected by Trevaskis Farm, the breed is South Devon.

Blas Classic

6ox Beef/Pickled Cucumber/Salad & Aioli/Chips £12.50

Cornish Blue or Davidstow Cheddar

Blue or Davidstow Cheddar/Pickled Cucumber/Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.00

Bacon Cheese

Cheddar or Blue/Primrose Herd Bacon/Pickled Cucumber/Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.95 – View Image


Smokin’ BBQ Sauce/Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.00
Add Davidstow £1.50


Chilli Relish/Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.00
Add Davidstow £1.50


Beetroot/Cornish Blue/Mixed Leaves/Horseradish & Roast Garlic Aioli/Chips £13.50


Cornish Blue, Wilted Spinach/Field Mushroom/Truffle Aioli/Chips £13.95 – View Image


Old Smokey Cornish Cheddar/House Piccalilli/Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.50 – View Image


Chargrilled Sweet Corn Salsa/Guac/Egg/Chilli Sauce/Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.95 – View Image

Avocado Bacon

Guac/Primrose Herd Bacon/Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.95

Double Up

(12oz beef) for £3.50

Cornish Free Range Chicken Breast Burgers

Our Chicken burgers are wild, free and fabulously tasty.


Marinated Chicken Escalopes/Pickled Cucumber/Lemon & Tarragon Mayo/Chips £13.50

BBQ Chicken

Smokin’ BBQ Sauce/Pickled Cucumber/Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.50

Chicken Bacon Caesar

Chicken, Primrose Herd Bacon/Caesar Dressing/Chips £13.95

Chicken Avocado Bacon

Chicken/Guac/Primrose Herd Bacon with Salad & Aioli/Chips £13.00 – View Image

Vegan Burgers

Our bean burgers are vegan and made with organic black beans, walnuts, tumeric,cracked black pepper and heaps of other good stuff.
Did you know all our vegetarian/vegan burgers can be enhanced with tempeh (delicious fermented soya beans marinated in our special sauce)

Sunflower [vegan]

Spiced Tofu Burger/ Pickled Cucumber/ Roast Pepper/ Salad/Sprouts/ Tofu Aioli/ Chips £12.50

Blackbean [vegan]

Organic/Fair-Trade Blackbean Burger/Beetroot/Pickled Cucumber/Salad/Sprouts/Tofu Aioli/Chips (N) £12.50

Bean Deluxe [vegan]

Chargrilled Corn Salsa/Guac/Sprouts/Salad/Tofu Aioli/Chips (N) £13.95

Vegetarian Burgers

Bean Chilli Cheese [can be vegan]

Davidstow Cheddar/Chilli Relish/Salad & Aioli/Chips (N) £13.50 – View Image

Smokey Bean [can be vegan]

Old Smokey Cornish Cheddar/House Piccalilli/Salad & Aioli/Chips (N) £13.50

Rancheros Bean

Chargrilled Sweet Corn Salsa/Guac/Egg/Chilli Sauce/Salad & Aioli/Chips (N) £13.95 – View Image

Truffle Bean

Cornish Blue/Wilted Spinach/Field Mushroom/Truffle Aioli/Chips (N) £13.95

Halloumi Stack

Grilled Halloumi/Spinach/Field Mushroom/Roast Peppers/Salad & Caper Aioli/Chips £13.95 – View Image

(N) Bean Burgers Contain Walnuts

Chargrilled Fresh Local Fish

Only occasionally

Please Phone us on: 01736 797272


Hand Cut Chips

Cornish Sea Salt £3.00

Blas Slaw

It’s on the board £3.00

Green Salad

Vinaigrette or Caesar dressing £4.00

Tempeh [add to your burger]

Delicious fermented Soya beans, marinated in our special sauce £3.00

Handmade Sauces/Pickles

BBQ/Chilli/Truffle Aioli/Piccalilli/Pickles £1.50

Kids Menu

Kids Burgers

3oz Beef/Bean or Chicken Burger with Chips
Glass of Organic Rocks Cordial/Orange or Blackcurrant – £6.50

We are proud of our green credentials for the last 11 years, but if you are new to Blas and want to know more just ask.

Soft Drinks

Whole Earth Organics

Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Cola/Ginger/Elderflower (330ml) £3.00

Mineral Water

Mineral Water Sparkling/ Still (250ml) £2.00


Homemade Lemonade £2.75


White Wine

Le Troubadour, Languedoc, France 11%
125ml £3.50 / 175ml £4.75 / 250ml £6.50 / Bottle £18.00

Picpoul de Pinet, France 13%
125ml £3.95 / 175ml £5.50 / 250ml £7.25 / Bottle £21.00


La Picoutine, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 12%
125ml £3.75 / 175ml £5.00 / 250ml £6.75 / Bottle £19.00


Le Troubadour, Languedoc, France 12%
125ml £3.50 / 175ml £4.75 / 250ml £6.50 / Bottle £18.00

Fico Grande Sangiovese, Italy 12.5%
125ml £3.95 / 175ml £5.50 / 250ml £7.25 / Bottle £21.00


Prosecco / Bottle £25.00
Have a bottle and celebrate….something!

Cornish Beers & Cider








Frangelico – 25ml

Tia Maria – 25ml

Bailey’s – 25ml

Sambuca – 25ml

Courvoisier – 25ml

Old Grandad Bourbon – 25ml

Famous Grouse – 25ml

Smirnoff – 25ml

Tea, Coffee & Hot Drinks

Origin Fairtrade Coffee

Cappuccino, Latte, Cortado Leche y Leche (with condensed milk), Americano, Macchiato, Espresso

Clipper Organic Teas

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Wild Berry Tea, Green Tea

Green & Blacks Organic hot chocolate

With a shot of brandy/whisky/Bailey’s/Frangelico



Green & Black’s 72% Dark Chocolate/ Clotted Cream or Vanilla Ice Cream/ Salted Caramel £4.25


Vanilla Ice Cream/ Shot of Espresso £3.50
Add liqueur £2.00

Banana Split

Grilled Banana/ Shipwreck Ice Cream/ Salted Caramel/Honeycomb £5.50

Blas Banana Split [vegan]

Grilled Banana/ Dark Chocolate Sorbet/Whipped Coconut/ Honeycomb £5.50 – View Image

Dark Chocolate Sorbet [vegan]

Moomaid of Zennor £2.50 Per Scoop

Ice Cream Moomaid of Zennor

Vanilla Bean & Clotted Cream/ Shipwreck
Ask for other special Moomaid flavours £2.50 Per Scoop
Add a liqueur (25ml) Frangelico/ Baileys/ Bourbon etc £2.00

Just Sayin’ – Approximate uncooked weight of our burgers is 6oz/175gm. Our burgers are made with 100% Cornish beef from herds selected by Trevaskis Farm, the breed South Devon. All burgers come with our hand cut chips and can be served in a gluten free bun. Our chicken burgers are wild and free and fabulously tasty.